Saturday, 15 June 2013

Middle of the Bed

I can't get enough of rose-scented products at the moment, so here's a selection of my favourites!  The title is inspired by the English singer, jam-maker and all round lovely girl Lucy Rose

REN Moroccan Rose Body Cream - I got this free with Harper's Bazaar last month, gorgeous scent and very moisturising.  It does take a while to absorb though, so I'm often left in that awkward 'zombie in a towel' position waiting for this to dry!  
Korres Japanese Rose Body Butter - I picked this up in TKMaxx.  Lovely scent and it's so light on the skin that I sometimes even use this during the day as a handcream.
Anatomicals You Need a Bloomin' Shower Rose Shower Gel - I got this in the supermarket on offer a while back and it's so nice to start my day with this.  The scent could be a bit stronger but for the price (about £1.30 I think!) I really can't complain.
The Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream + Hand Wash - I absolutely love these two! My mum always buys the hand wash and it makes your hands feel so clean and silky soft, and the hand cream is lovely and luxurious too.
Zara Woman Rose Perfume - The town I lived in in France didn't have a Zara, so when we visited the nearby big town we used to go a bit crazy there.  One day I was so excited to visit Zara then didn't find any nice clothes so picked up this perfume, refusing to leave without buying anything.  I didn't really expect to even like it but I love it!  It's become my daily go to scent, and was under ten euros.

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